Continuatio Epistolarum

Leeuwenhoek, A. van
Lugduni Batavorum (Leiden): Boutesteyn

Full title

Continuatio Epistolarum, Datarum Ad longe Celeberrimam Regiam Societatem Londinensem..

Continuation of the Letters, Given to the most Famous Royal Society of London

Dobell's #24: Letters 53-60

These eight consecutive letters were the longest batch Leeuwenhoek published up to this point. They were all addressed to the Royal Society. The volume must have been popular. It was bundled with other volumes and was reprinted four times, in 1696 as an Editio altera, in 1715 as a second edition, and in 1730 as the Editio tertio. Each used a different typesetting.

Front Matter

Title page

6-page index rerum

3 letters Partis prioris contentarum

15 letters Partis alterae contentarum

8 letters Continuationis contentarum, the letters in this volume


dated, unnumbered, and continuously paginated 1 -124

each preceded by the date and a summary



Back matter

Dobell #24a: Editio altera   

Boutestein    1696

title, no index, different typesetting


the "not sure" edition is close to this but with some difference, ex p. 23

Dobell #24b

Lugduni Batavorum (Du Vivie, Haak, & Langerack)    1715

different typesetting from 1730 edition but content the same; no repeated figure in Letter 53

Dobell #24c: Edition tertia

Lugduni Batavorum (Langerak)    1730

title, 6-page Index including letters not in this volume

letters unnumbered, dated in title

in Letter 53, figs 1, 2, 3, and 5 in text. fig 5 on p 9 and repeated on p 12. Fig 4 on plate

all other figs on nine plates, one per letter, but three plates for the 28 figures with Letter 55.

Leeuwenhoek sent this volume to the Royal Society under cover of a letter to Robert Boyle dated 1689-01-12, so it may have been available late in 1688.