Antonio Magliabechi wrote Letter L-465 to Leeuwenhoek with reports on several recent books that he thought might be of interest

July 10, 1708

This letter is known only by reference another source.

In this letter, Magliabechi sends Leeuwenhoek some book news.

This letter is the last known letter that Antonio Magliabechi sent to Leeuwenhoek, although the date of his letter to Jacob Gronovius may be after the date of the referenced letter to Leeuwenhoek. Magliabechi may have sent a separate copy to Gronovius, but it is more likely that he asked Gronovius to deliver the open letter to L., as he had done before. For other occasions when Magliabechi sent someone an unsealed letter full of book news addressed to Leeuwenhoek, see Gronovius’s Letter L-179 of 11 July 1686 and Magliabechi’s Letter L-381 of mid-1701, both written to Leeuwenhoek.


Letter of 10 July 1708 from Magliabechi. to Jacob Gronovius
Ludwig Maximilians-Universiteit Munchen, Cod 4° Cod. Msc 777, f. 117

The new literaries of Italy, you will see them in mine included here, to the very famous gentleman Leeuwenhoek.