1679: I take courage once more


The following year, 1679, finishing volume 12, Grew published in number 142, as one article, excerpts about human sperm from three Leeuwenhoek letters: November 1677 (AB 35 from Period 1), March 1678 (AB 38), and (another excerpt from) May 31, 1678 (AB 39). It was translated into Latin because it discussed human reproduction.

During 1679, Leeuwenhoek wrote 12 letters, including Letter 27 of February 21, 1679 (AB 42) to Nehemiah Grew, which was the last numbered letter that he did not self-publish. The next, Letter 28 of April 25, 1679 (AB 43), also to Grew, was the first-written of his self-published letters, though not the first one to be self-published. The one after that came in the following year, Letter 29 of January 12, 1680 (AB 43), to Robert Hooke.

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