1678 Expenses

In 1678, Jacob vander Burgh was the City's treasurer. He started the year with 81,500 guilders and was the first treasurer whose Reekening or account book balanced revenue and expenses. The following year, vander Burgh was treasurer again, and reported beginning the year with 95,618 guilders. Again, he balanced revenue and expenses, a tradition that would continue.

De Bello Belgico Decas
by Famiano Strada, 1648

The table below shows theheadings and major subheadings that had totals and sub-totals in the Expenses section of the Rekeningbouck, the treasurer's account book. Some of them are very long and list the sub-subheadings; they have been shortened (though not re-worded) for this table. These section headings in the account books remained almost identical for years 1658 through 1681. The revenue/expense total of 630,060 guilders for 1678 was closer to the more common 400-500,000 guilders than to the excesses of 1674 and 1675, when it was almost triple that level, peaking at a little over 1.1 million guilders in 1675.

Omitted are the individual expense items and their names, dates, and descriptions. The page numbers give a sense of the relative size of each section. The Expenses section of every volume was twice as large as the Revenue section because of all the people who received payments on annuities that they had bought over the years. In 1678, the list of those payments went from page 185 to 334, well over half the book.

This table omits the stuivers and pennies so the somma grossas are a guilder or two larger than the sum of their sub-totals.


page short Dutch description English translation guilders
98-101 vant kerbloerat ende sgravenhuis ? 525  
101v-102 van 26 februari 1650 from 26 February 1650 146  
102v vant stede cledinge for city clothes 373  
103-114 van weddens en de penningen for salaries 21,949  
114v wedde tot Overschie salaries in Overschie 180  
115-116v wedde op Delfshaven salaries in Delfshaven 2362  
117-118 van salaris van tresorier salaries for the treasurer's office 951  
118     1st 26,487
118v-137v ter ordonnantie van de heeren Burgemeesteren by order of the mayors 411,887  
138-139 oncosten ten tijde vande verpachtinge gevallen costs of tax farming 423  
139v-141 diverse oorsaeken ende respecten various sources and considerations 182  
141v van de eerste tijdinge alsmede 't afschrijven van de afgestorven lijfrenten for the first time as well as writing off dead life annuities 12  
141v     2nd 412,406
143-146v werckcedullen van de binnen en buiten havenmeesters work list of inner and outer harbormasters 10,246  
147-147v van Vrachtloonen freightage 61  
148-162 materialen bestedewercken, vernieuwinge van verscheide wercken arbeitsloonen materials, renovations, and various workers' salaries 20,083  
163-163v aen Vrachtloonen ende verteerde costen, aengaende t nieuwe trekpad, tusschen de stad Leiden en de Dam, daer in de Stad Delft ende Leiden freightage and other costs associated with the new towpath between Leiden and the dam 119  
164-168 Andere uitgeeff over t treckpad other expenses for the towpath 1,184  
168v-169 Andere uitgeeff over verdiende gagie - Leitsendem other expenses for earned salaries - Leidschendam 709  
170-171v aen den Dijck ende treckveer tusschen de Tolbrugge ende den Dam for the dike and ferry between the tolbridge and the dam 664  
172-174v aende Treckveer tusschen dese Stad Delft en Maassluis the ferry between Delft and Maassluis 933  
175-176 tot bruggen over de Berklsemeer the bridges over the Berklsemeer 332  
176 van de binnen en buiten haven for the inner and outer harbor 3rd 34,235
177-179v Weerkcedullen op Delfshaven workslists in Delfshaven 2211  
180-181 van allerbei behoeften op Delfshaven other necessities in Delfshaven 751  
181-183v van materialen als hout, steen, ijser, calch, door den havenmeester for materials like wood, stone, iron, lime, for the harbormaster 2,814  
184-185 Reis en teerhosten, port van brieven, & travel and posting of letters 122  
185 van den havenmeester Delfshaven for the Delfshaven harbormaster 4th 5,899
186 van penningen aen de heere Tresorier van den jaare 1679 amount to the incoming treasurer for the following year 5th 95,618
187-259 van de verscheide losrenten tot last van de Stad Delft for the diverse annuities due from the City (15 sub-totals) 6th 34,933
260-309 van losrenten bij de Stad opgenomen op Weescamersrecht for the annuities by the City drawn on the Weescamer 7th 12,056
310-333 van jaarlijxe lijfrenten tot last van de Stad yearly annuities due from the City 8th 8221
334-334v ter saecke vant schrijven van de reekeninge for writing the treasurer's account book 9th 202
334v totalis somma uitgeeff van de tresorier Total expenses of the treasurer   630,060

Two numbers jump out of this table.

The 21,949 for salaries was broken down but not separately totaled. Leeuwenhoek's salary was listed with the other camerbewaarders in the third sub-section.

by order of the mayors

Pie chart showing the expenses share for 1678
redeemable annuities 6%
salaries 4%

payment for services 65%