People: contemporaries

Died Antony's
Nicolaas Hartsoeker December 10, 1725 rival over the discovery of sperm
Nicolaas Witsen August 10, 1717 correspondent
Nicolaes Boogaert van Belois January 1, 1746
Paulus Durven April 5, 1711 lawyer friend with whom he rented the St. Agnieten Toorn
Petrus Gribius November 4, 1739 minister late in his life
Pieter Rabus January 13, 1702 admirer and publisher
Pontus Bourbon neighbor
Reinier de Graaf August 30, 1673 mentor who wrote the cover letter to his first letter to the Royal Society
René Descartes February 11, 1650 influence, especially the idea of "globules" as a basic unit of matter
Robbert Gordon witness
Robert Boyle December 31, 1691 correspondent
Spinoza February 21, 1677
Theodorus Craanen February 27, 1688 friend and colleague
Thomas van der Wilt May 19, 1733
Willem van der Lely April 2, 1772 estate executor
Willem van der Wilt January 24, 1727 illustrator toward the end of his career
William Davidson January 1, 1689 master in the linen trade during his apprenticeship in Amsterdam